Oscar – Submitted by Dog Training Miami
Dogs are fun and enjoyable to keep around the house. These loyal animals can, however, do things which amuse us, bring us to tears or bore us to death. Below is a true story reported from a slum in Kenya.
A lovely lady was happily married and blessed with two adorable kids, a boy, and a girl. One morning they woke up, and their father was gone. The mother was left with two infants under her care. When the situation became “too much” for her to handle, she bailed and abandoned them with Cynthia, their grandmother.
Cynthia had to work twice as hard to fend for the kids. This means she was out of the house for almost sixteen hours in a day, leaving the children with Oscar, the family dog. Oscar kept them company as she guarded them and their bond grew close. When the grandmother got home late, she would find the kids and the dog sleeping on the pavement.
It grew increasingly hard for Cynthia to make ends meet and at times she could not afford to buy food. Oscar’s kids were being sold off by an uncle leaving her tits heavy with milk which the children enjoyed. Neighbors could not contain their astonishment when they saw the hungry kids comfortably sucking on Oscar.
This was the routine for two years, and now the kids have started school.
Currently, life is still the same for the trio. Cynthia prepares the kids for kindergarten and Oscar escorts them to school. Once there he goes underneath a tree and waits until classes are over. Regardless of the fact that Oscar has been hungry the whole day, she playfully engages the kids on their way back home. If their grandmother is away, they play around for a while before sleeping outside their door as they wait for her.
Evidence of their love became evident when Oscar almost tore off a woman’s head when she tried to spank one of the kids. An aunt of theirs who found them asleep on the pavement and tried to chase Oscar away also met the same fate.
One time they got lost on their way from church, a search party went out searching for them, and they came back disappointed. They were utterly surprised when they saw Oscar escorting them into the compound at the crack of dawn. They had walked the whole night, and Oscar proceeded slowly since she understood the kids were tired.
In a village which is full of people, a motherly dog takes the responsibility of raising two innocent kids. A dog is truly man’s best friend.